Sunday, January 22, 2017

Newsflash #9 Roblox Rebrand


Welcome to Newsflash! Today, i will be talking Online.. In 2004, a little game called Dynablocks was "released" on the public. It didn't take long until this little game grew into an amazing game that has over 3 million playing each day called: Roblox. Today, it has been thriving with players and players. That includes NormalWorld (me!) and Some of my friends, CultredShakti and DankCrazyguy2000. Now, Quite recently, Roblox unveiled on their blog a rebrand. The logo now looks like this.
Pretty COOL!

Anyway, They also had a new anthem video, I will put the video at the bottom. People hate this logo because it looks like the Dominos Pizza logo and a Cheeze It. 
You can kinda see the resemblance.. Anyway, that is it for me today. Bye!!

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