Sunday, September 8, 2013

Awesome News 3

Welcome back to Awesome News!

Ben 20th Century Fox Farts Has Now Gone Viral!!!!

I was Also Going to release Homemade Movie Premeres with a sneck peak of an secret episode called

Tails And the Portal. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Awesome News 2

Welcome Back For Awesome News!
Max McClelland Studios Is Now Open For Work.
if you work so hard a week you will be Mangier and be the Staff of the week.
The ToursFor the studio are $5.
Also the jobs that i need is: Bodyguard And Theater.
Now its only in Australia but 1 day Another Studio came that Paul Carter had wich is a music one.
Not a video one.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awesome News!

Hi and welcome back to me blog so today i have... AWESOME NEWS!
Today In australia At Maccas The Skylanders are out so if you are a kid in australia
you have to go there now.
Aso in the awesome news i made a new show called Sonic Toons and the remake of The Mario Brothers Show. The Mario Brothers Show Remake will be out in 29 July and Sonic Toons will be out in 20 July so thats it for Awesome News so look for more awesome news in the year!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Max vs games

hi and welcome back to my blog so today this year i was at the easter show and at kids world
this is cool because its the
skylanders and i have skylaners giants.

boats boats boats

hi and welcome back to my blog so today 2 days ago i was on a boat.
that was when i was in norths warf.

if google go to elgoog

hi and welcome back to my blog so today when i was on Google i search eloog
and its im.eloog and its crazy because underwater 80s gravetey so
remember its im.eloog.


welcome to my blog so today this is my first time i am on Blogger so
check me out on You tube and comeing soon is my facebook page and comeing soon is my 2 channel.