Sunday, June 5, 2016

Newsfeed!!! #6 Upcoming Web Comic

Hello Guys, It’s me. I have not posted in a year because of school. I went through 2015 without any posts. Well, MOSTLY. Anyway, back to the news.

If you watch my YouTube channel (If you haven’t then here’s the link, I have a character named “Dollar”. He is an inanimate object based off a lot of people.

Now, think of a web comic on this blog. Yep, that's right! A Dollar Web Comic!!! It is called “Dollar Web Comic”. … It will be drawn on paper and will be scanned (somehow) and will be published on this blog. Also, I will do a series with strips that are ANIMATED onto here and YouTube. 

So, strips will be weekly or monthly, but not straight away. The real strips will be published here and the animated series will be on here and my YouTube.

Thanks for reading, Bye!