Monday, April 22, 2013

Max vs games

hi and welcome back to my blog so today this year i was at the easter show and at kids world
this is cool because its the
skylanders and i have skylaners giants.


  1. I love your enthusiam Max! And, I am with you for the excitement about boats.... my first boat excursion was in Canada. I went on the longest hike ever through the woods, and got to paddle a canoe, AND fish for dinner. Ah..... this city girl loved it all!

  2. Max, you certainly had a great time! I'm not too good in boats so you are much braver than I am. I've enjoyed your videos, especially when you play the piano. You are really good. I'm looking forward to joining your Facebook page.

  3. Good Morning From America ..Keep on having Fun Max ..I look forward to more News from you and Your Mom ..peace and love Heather Brauner ..

  4. Hello from England you are a lucky boy Thanks for sharing