Sunday, September 25, 2016

Newsflash #8 The Angry Birds Movie Review

Hello everyone, welcome back to Newsflash! Today, I will be doing a review on the Angry Birds Movie 1. (Note: There is a rumor about a sequel coming out.) The story isn't new. You should all know what Angry Birds + Pigs make. Theft and Revenge. It does have originality like, we see the bird's lives before the pigs show up, they steal, birds go get them, yadda yadda yadda. Since Red (Red bird of course) is being so angry all the time, he shows up in court. He is sentenced to the worst possible punishment. No not 50 years in jail nor death penalty, but: Anger Management classes. Honestly I think this part is good.  But after that: pigs show up. I don't want to waste my time for the story so let's move on. But there is one more thing (you should know why i said that) WHY IS BREADWINNERS IN THIS MOVIE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AS LONG AS 3 YEARS?!?!?! YOU HADE SO MUCH TIME TO FIX THIS SONY!! WHY DO YOU MAKE YOUR FILM'S PG-13 MATERIAL??!!??! Sorry. As I was saying, this movie has PG-13 MATERIAL!!!!!!!!! Like, peeing in a lake, BREADWINNERS, Near swears and much, much, more.

Now, the rest. The voice cast has some stars like Smosh, Josh Gad *insert It's Summer here*, and more. I give this cast: 8/10.

The animation is good(ish). I feel like Rovio Animation is good at making CGI shows and Movies. I give the animation: 8/10.

The script is TERRIBLE. Look up for the answer. I give the script: 4/10.

I give the movie: 7 Eggs out of 10. The script just shot this movie down. I think movies should be for everyone. That's why I love Pixar. Just clean and funny for everyone. Thanks for reading. Max out!

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