Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Drive-In Revolution

Hey! I Like To Have Something I’ve Never Done Before. Announce A Full Working Theater. Back In The Old Days In The 50s & 60s You Would See Drive-In Theaters In That American Time. They Are Slowly Dying Out. There Are About 300 To 600 But There’s None In Australia. 

People Like Me Are American While Here It’s Different. The Language, The Barbie, Kangaroos, Can I Say More?! There’s One Big Thing Australia’s Missing. Drive-Ins. Salliane (My Mum) Told Me She Had Dates With Neil (My Dad) In A Drive-In. I Felt Like It’s Time To Help A Thing That’s Really Important To American Culture. Sorry Bald Eagle… I’ve Decided To Make (Surprise Surprise) A Drive-In Theater. 

One Problem. 

Cards And Lack Of Movies. If Any Of You Know This Kind Of Stuff, Please Tell Me. As I Was Saying I’m Making A Drive-In Theater.  1. The Name. The First Name I Came Up With Was Atari Theaters. I Didn’t Want To Make My Parents Go To Jail Of Whatever. Then I Came With Fun Time Theaters. The Name Was First Herd In One Of My YouTube Videos. I Worked With This Name So Long I Thought It Would Happen Like A Dog In A Spa That His Owner Leaves It On For 6 Days. 

So I Scrapped That Idea. I Have No Idea What The Name Will Be But It Comes Down To Australian To American Or Cup Bottle. 2. The Place. I Was Going To Set It In My Backyard But I Forgot That Backyards Aren’t Big. So I Don’t Know The Place. 3. The Movies. 

I’m Planning To Get A Digital Projector, Some Sound Things, A HUGE White Sheet (Maybe) And Fences To House The Cars. 

That’s All I Like To Say Toddle Ho!


  1. I used to love drive ins we would go in our PJ as kids

  2. Yes, I have very happy memories of the drive-in, Max. We went every week, had chicken and chips, played on the swings and then watched the movie. I remember seeing Carousel, Oklahoma, Carmen Jones among many others. Good luck with your plans for bringing back the drive-in, Max.

  3. Maybe Mum needs a larger studio, would mean a larger house, which would mean a larger piece of land in turn. Get the land, have a house built near the back of the land, with a solid blank wall on the front of the house and put the "projector" on the front boundary right beside the phone pole. People could just drive off the street and not have to go round the house. Better stick a loo beside the letterbox? And some foodie caravans can come by and pay you a percentage of their sales.

  4. Max, I never got to go to a drive-in but always wanted to... I think you're onto something.

  5. We still go to drive in movies! We have one drive in in our area left! Great fun!